Welcome to Motor City by Night

MCbN is an entry-level Vampire: the Masquerade game, set in the city of Detroit, Michigan, USA. Long controlled by the Sabbat, the city has been subjected to decades of decadence and despair.

The latter half of the 20th century brought a protracted war to the area as the Camarilla asserted itself and attempted to take control of the kine institutions. The long-fought conflict saw both factions gaining temporary control, only to have to later retreat, regroup, and attack again. The masquearde was stretched to it’s limits as the conflict left the areas economy devestated, the institutions tattered, and it’s people destitute.

Finally, in 2015, the Camarilla seems to have established permanent control. Each Sabbat attack is less successful than the last. It is believed that the sect has no actual havens within the city proper, and the mortal institutions have finally been brought under Camarilla influence, if not control. In fact, Camarilla kindred have even come to Detroit seeking opportunity.

Have the Sabbat truly retreated, or do they lurk in the outlands, gathering their strength and biding their time? What other supernatural creatures call the region their home? Are the kine truly oblivious to the decades-long supernatural war that has been raging in their streets?

Unlife can be hard for a young vampire, but in Detroit, one wrong move could be your last. Will you survive the night? Will you garner the favor of the elders? Will you make a name for yourself in the nights ahead?

…or will death come for you again as you make your way through the Motor City by Night?

MotorCity By Night

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