MotorCity By Night

Session 1

Welcome to the First Night of the Rest of Your (Un)Life!

The evening began with….
A great deal of Kindred were brought to the MotorCity Casino for a big display for the new arrival from the Camarilla. Vasili and William arrive of their own volition, Maxxie arriving with Anders.
Said arrival is that of Genevieve, an emissary from the Camarilla with the effective rank of Archon. She manages to impress the Council of Detroit. During the gathering, the sheriff of Detroit, Chadwick, is informed of some violent activity occurring in the suburbs. He gathers Vasili, William, Maxxie, Genevieve, and some other neonates to take care of it.
Once there, they discovered that it was two houses that were suspect. Chadwick took one, and the neonates and fledglings under the command of Genevieve took the other.
Inside the house were three (visible) vampires and a series of victims. Vasili and William took the front, quickly dispatching of two vampires with a combination of claws and dragon’s breath rounds.
The rest came around back to secure the humans and dispatch the remaining vampires. There was an additional vampire that was there, which was taken care of. The humans were then secured for mind-wiping.
Vasili managed to get one of the feral vampires in a hold and they were able to interrogate him using Maxxie’s Dominate.
During this, William searched the house, finding only a basement that was soaked in blood.
The feral vampire was questioned, leading to the following facts:
He and his friends were Embraced in Brujah territory.
They don’t know who Embraced them, only that he was tall, black, and had short hair.

They found themselves in this area, hungry.
After this interrogation, Chadwick came in, having cleared the other house of feral vampires, and put a bullet through the head of the interrogated one. He had the Genevieve, Vasili, William and Maxxie leave as a cleanup crew arrived to dispose of the evidence.


A Russian man and a dream. A dream to be the very best vampire, like no one ever was. He set out after being called to the motor city Casino for a meeting of the high level vampires in Detroit. He sensed strong powers at work and noticed the arrival of a new toreodor (spelling?) to the city he had begun calling home

Session 1

I encourage players to use the comments to discuss with each other (out of character is fine) their thoughts about the session, what questions they have (or their characters have), etc. I like Sean’s mini-blog,too. Use it as kind of an extended “learnings” session.

Session 1
Mortious Wookie813

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