MotorCity By Night

Session 5

Whatever Happened to Lillian Sinclair?

The night began, as they seem to, at the Envy Lounge. The police had the nearby area curtained off to hide a murder nearby, an emaciated corpse that had its physical identifiers removed. A knife lay nearby, a red herring towards the cause of death that failed to fool even the local detectives.
Meeting with the others, each member of the coterie shared some of the revelations of the past week. Fischer, for example, had encountered somebody named Marcus. Upon revealing that name, Anders started. Marcus had lead the Sabbat before Detroit had been taken. And supposedly, had been slain by Oscar. Fischer explained that Marcus told him that he would be at the gathering at Elysium in two days, and that he would explain everything then.
At this moment, Winston entered the room. He and Oscar had been told by Esteban that Maxxie was a violent psychopath, spinning story after story of perverse sadism of their time together in Santa Monica. The fact that there was a corpse, one that had once belonged to one of Esteban’s men, right outside of Maxxie’s club brought attention to the club. Vampiric activity in the area would be watched, and that hopefully none of them pointed at Maxxie.
With Winston departing, the coterie decided to follow on some of the leads that Fischer and Vasili had discovered. They returned to the warehouse that Fischer had previously seen somebody at. There were still two vampires in there, which had to be incapacitated. Once that was done, they searched the warehouse. It had been recently emptied, but there were still a few crates left, with a note listing three other addresses.
They followed them to another address, a warehouse that had a ripped hole in the back of it. This warehouse had been cleared as well, with only some debris and leftovers from the contents strewn about.
The next stop was a house, not yet occupied at the time. Dust was thick on the ground, cobwebs covered everything. A note from an inspector, barely finding the place habitable, was the only sign of having entered at all.
The last address on the list led to yet another warehouse. Outside reconnaissance showed that, despite there being no lights on the street or the building itself, there were in fact cameras watching the doors. Fischer managed to find a back entrance into the building, and the coterie began to move through the shadows. Even as they wandered the halls, they were attacked by what appeared to be tumor-ridden, bedraggled dogs. After dispatching them, the group moved forward. They encountered another group of vampires, including one that was warped beyond recognition. Huge, over seven feet tall, covered in tumors and fat, with its hands warped into huge, blade-like claws. After a long, arduous battle that left the group wounded, especially Vasili, they entered the room. Empty but for some chairs and a television, they went to the one room that appeared barred.
Inside, the walls were covered in sigils written in blood, distorted so as to be unrecognizable. In the middle of the room, laying on the ground and in torpor, was Lillian Sinclair, her eyes torn out. Genevieve immediately ordered Maurice to take her to the car, quickly sketching the symbols on the walls. These orders were questioned by the coterie, but Genevieve ignored them, quickly returning Lillian to the Chantry of the Tremere.


Mortious Mortious

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