MotorCity By Night

Session 6

Excitement in Elysium!

The night began at the DIA, a Toreador-sponsored event. Any Kindred that was anybody was there. Vasili snuck in as one of the staff, serving refreshments. Fischer and Genevieve came in through the front, acting as the guests they were. The night went well, filled with rumors of Lilian’s discovery, Sheryl’s involvement, and what the cause was.
Eventually, the night was interrupted by the arrival of Marcus. Everything ground to a halt as Oscar squared off against his old nemesis. Marcus, confused as he was, tried to explain what was going on, even going so far as to point out Fischer. As the conversation continued, Winston, who was beside Oscar, suddenly appeared behind Marcus, piercing his chest with Oscar’s sword. A scuffle ensued, Marcus throwing Winston several feet before trapping him with what appeared to be Temporis. Marcus and Oscar squared off once again, Oscar declaring Lextalionis on Marcus, allowing diablerie upon the Malkavian. Marcus, wisely, disappeared from Elysium.
Fischer and Genevieve wandered down to plan how to handle this. Being outed by Marcus was worrisome to Fischer, but what was more worrisome was Marcus reappearing next to the two of them. He continued his explanation, though he became more irrational as it went on. When the two mentioned the symbols that Lilian had drawn in her cell, he freaked out and disappeared again. Vasili, meanwhile, was gathering intelligence about the goings-on, discovering from Kasiel that there were suspicious shipments coming in from Egypt, and that they would need to be investigated.
Genevieve and Fischer found Vasili and decided to follow through on one of Chadwick’s earlier tips: That a company had just arrived in Windsor. Genevieve’s research had revealed the company to be a part of a much larger company: the Pentex Corporation.
Going to Kasiel for assistance, they found that he had a way across the river: a mysterious smuggler going only by Edwards.
The smuggler had them strapped to the bottom of his boat (for it surely couldn’t be called a ship), and went across the river. Bringing them into Wndsor, he warned them that they had no friends here, and that any position they had might only prove to be a detriment.
The coterie went on to explore the newly-arrived company, GeoTECH. Breaking into the lobby and dispatching of the guards, they made quick work of the additional, and well-equipped security. Making their way into the lab, they found a great deal of research involved in mixing what appeared to be blood (or potentially Vitae) with Hawthorne, an herb. They took as many samples as they could, taking a list that appeared to have addresses and dates on it as well.
At that moment, a scientist appeared in the room, asking who they were. When they tried to bluff their way out, he announced that he could easily smell what they were.
With this, the scientist began to shift. Gaining 150 lbs of muscle, fur, claws and teeth. A fully grown werewolf stood before them. He leapt across the room, slamming into Vasili. The two scuffled, Vasili finding himself the subject of the stories he had heard in the Siberian tundra. Lupine claws tore deep.
Fischer managed to find a sample of hydrochloric acid and poured it on the werewolf’s face, blinding him. During this time, Maurice managed to get a hold on the werewolf, peeling it away from Vasili. Together, they managed to hold off the werewolf long enough for everyone to escape, swiftly following. The werewolf chased them, blinded and angry.
Eventually, they managed to escape, racing back to Edwards’ boat. He promptly brought them back to Detroit, where they ended their night at the Chantry, to heal and go over their findings.


Mortious Mortious

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