Setting Notes


A place for vampires to meet together without fear of harm; Usually cultural locations, such as opera houses, theaters or museums.

The following places have been declared Elysium by Prince Santos. ALL kindred are welcome in these buildings and on these grounds, and all are afforded the right to muse, reflect, and interact, freely and peacefully. The Masquerade is strictly enforced in Elysium, though certain locations have “kindred only” lounges where Cainites can …relax a little.

  • Motor City Casino
  • The Fox Theater
  • Detroit Institute of Art

The Chantry

The stronghold of the Tremere clan, this place is meant for both research and mystery. Often shrouded in magicks, the Tremere guard their secrets jealously. Few are allowed in, and they are never allowed without permission from the acting regent, Sheryl Jefferson.

The following location has been claimed as the Chantry of Detroit. Its history, in addition to its secrets, have established it as the holding of the secrets of the Tremere clan, and an excellent place to perform research.

  • The Masonic Temple

Setting Notes

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